Coral Reef Ecosystem in Fiji

Fiji’s marine ecosystem has an incredible biodiversity. Here is a look at some of the species we have come across.

Threats to the Coral Reef

Though Fiji’s reefs are splendid, anthropogenic effects are negatively impacting local marine resources.

Village Life in Yanuca, Fiji

The Yanuca community has retained many of their traditions, while also incorporating modern culture.

Coral Reefs in Panama

After a wide spread coral bleaching in the Caribbean in 2005, PBF began to track the health of corals in Panama.

Pre-Colonial Musical Instruments of Fiji

DuMouchelle and Solook traveled throughout Fiji to better understand traditional Fijian music and culture.

The Fijian Sailing Canoe

The Fijian canoe is a major part of Fijian sailing culture.

Humpback Whales

The Prince of the Bay is trapped in Totoya’s lagoon, encouraging us to learn more about humpbacks.