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Articles on Energy Issues

January 9, 2013 8:37 pm

Energy has become a major issue, with the global population increasing and resources depleting at a rapid pace. Many of the energy sources that we currently rely on, however, do not bode well for the environment. Renewable energy options are of great interest, but must prove to be more efficient than conventional methods to hold […]

Articles on Anthropogenic Impacts on the Ocean

8:36 pm

Human activity greatly impacts, both directly and indirectly, the health of the coral reef. Destructive fishing methods, overfishing, pollution, and our contribution to global warming all play a part in disrupting coral reef ecology. It is important to bear in mind the great influence our actions have on the ocean and the life in it.

Articles on African Dust

8:34 pm

Believe it or not, some scientists are researching the effects that African dust may have on coral reef ecosystems in the Caribbean. It is suggested that the dust is filled with toxins that are blown across the Atlantic and negatively impacting corals in the Caribbean.

Articles on Fijian Culture

8:32 pm

As Pacific Island communities become more modernized, cultures and traditions are at risk of being left behind. Though new techniques can be adopted and modified to work within a culture, celebrating tradition reminds us of the advantage that long-standing customs have over newer trends – years of experience.

Articles on Coral Concerns in General

8:30 pm

The coral reefs provide a source of food and income to a large number of individuals worldwide, making the state of the coral reefs a global concern. Unfortunately, the reefs are not being faced with just one affliction, they are enduring the onslaught of many.

Articles on Coral Bleaching

8:26 pm

Coral bleaching incidences have been unprecedented in recorded history. Although the coral bleaching phenomenon is not thoroughly understood, there are ties to rising ocean temperatures. Some scientists believe the corals may be able to adapt to the increasing temperatures, but the changes are happening so abruptly, the corals may not have time to.

Articles on Clean Burning Stoves

8:23 pm

Developing countries encounter many predicaments, but the harm they face when simply cooking a meal is often overlooked. Households are subjected to poor air quality, a result of cooking methods that fill the home with soot. Local pollutants can be mitigated by the use of clean burning stoves.

Articles on Ocean Acidifcation

7:59 pm

The ocean absorbs a large amount of carbon emissions that humans have released into the atmosphere. Since the carbon is trapped in the ocean, it seems we are relieved of its adverse effects as an air pollutant, but it is changing the ocean’s chemistry, threatening coral reef ecosystems and the species that rely on them, […]